Thursday, November 28, 2013

Clarksburg, a village with an interesting history

Although Clarksburg is a small village within the Town of the Blue Mountains now known mainly for art and antiques, it has a most interesting history. Our speaker, Rob Potter, shared stories with those in attendance at the Society meeting at the Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg.

Clarksburg is not named for the found, William Jabez Marsh who arrived around 1854 but for William Clark who had the woolen mill. 

St. George's English Church was the only church right within the village limits. The black bridge is of note with being a bow bridge with an overhead brace.  

In 1930s the apple industry took off. By the 1980s the village seemed to be in decline. The introduction of art galleries and antique stores have been a real asset to the community.

Rob Potter talked about some of  "the characters" of Clarksburg. It is interesting that from a small community came two tightrope walkers: Samuel Dixon and Clifford Calverly. 

Another person of note who lived for a short time was Sam Steele who became the leader of the North West Mounted Police.

The Marsh Street Community Centre where we had our meeting has become an important part of the community. 

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