Sunday, November 25, 2012

War affected what was in Fashion

When the Grey County Historical Society met at Central Place in Owen Sound for its November meeting, we learnt about how the war affected what the women were wearing. Wendy Tomlinson was our guest speaker. She shared her passion and knowledge about clothing that was worn in Canada and abroad during the First and Second World Wars.

Wendy began with pre-war fashions and how they changed as women went in to the workforce on a grander scale. She brought samples to show. The full skirts from pre-war became much slender and the hems rose some. After the First World War, there was much relief with the flapper style dress.

During the Second World War, the suit dress was much in style. Post-war in the fifties, the skirts were full with crinolines.

What was happening in the world certainly affected what was worn.

 Wendy with some of the items she brought to show the group.

We certainly enjoyed our visit to Central Place Retirement Home. We were so pleased that so many of the residents came to hear our speaker. I am sure it brought back memories. Some of them shared what they remembered of the clothes during the war years. We thank them for their hospitality.

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