Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November meeting Georgian Bay Honey and Historic Victorian Brick House

Wednesday, November 21 at 1:30 p.m.
Georgian Bay Honey and Historic Victorian Brick House 

 Gabriola & Geoff Jennen will be our hosts. We will meet in the large Honey House with its display of antique honey pails, etc. There will also be an opportunity to visit the Victorian house. The house was built by James Witherspoon with bricks that were brought from Owen Sound by horse and sled. He purchased the property in 1877. The land was taken from the crown in 1862 by Robert Beaty. Seasoned beekeepers, Gabriela Berger and Geoffrey Jennen, operate Georgian Bay Honey just outside of Owen Sound. Both have honey in their blood. Gabriela, a Swiss native, comes from a line of three generations of beekeepers and Geoffrey, who kept bees with his father as a hobby when young, from two generations.
 Location:   Georgian Bay Honey, 201248 ON-21, Owen Sound (about 8 miles from Owen Sound on Highway 21.

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