Sunday, January 15, 2017

Award Nomination Deadline is Getting Closer

February 1st at noon is the deadline for nominations for the Grey County Historical Society  Heritage Certificate of Recognition. Do you know a person or group or organization that should be recognized? The first award was presented in 2009 and since then the Society has honoured the contributions of nine more recipients.

The Grey County Historical Society (GCHS) Heritage Certificate of Recognition honours and recognizes a work or works of heritage by an individual, organization, institution or business that has made a significant contribution to the promotion or preservation of the history of Grey County.

Nominations are invited from members of the public. The nominees must confirm their willingness to be nominated and accept the subsequent publicity. Current members of the Board of Directors of GCHS, the judging panel and their immediate family may not be nominated. The Board of Directors reserves the right not to award a certificate of recognition in any given year.

Heritage work that may be nominated includes any of the following:
• Long time service in the heritage field, 
• Built heritage, 
• Natural heritage, 
• Written work and research in formats other than print, such as the visual or dramatic arts.

Nominations will be reviewed by the GCHS Award Presentation Committee and its recommendation will be presented to the Board of Directors for ratification.

More details about the Award 
The Award 
A framed certificate will be presented to the winner at the GCHS Annual Dinner in Meaford on May 17, 2017 where the winner will be a guest. If the award winner is unable to attend, the award will be presented at another appropriate time. If a business, institution or organization is selected, up to two people will be recognized and invited. Each award winner may bring a guest to the Annual Dinner.

Nomination Submission Guidelines 
Submissions must include the completed nomination form and supporting information: 
• A description of why the individual or organization should be recognized, with emphasis on how the nominee's significant contributions have preserved or promoted the history of Grey County and the lasting benefits. 

See the website for more details and the nomination form. The more information that you can provide the better.

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