Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 2014 meeting at the Salvation Army

The March meeting was fun! Major David Kennedy began by giving us a quiz to test our knowledge of the Salvation Army and the local church. He wove the answers to the questions into his presentation.

The Salvation Army first arrived in Owen Sound on February 17, 1884. After meeting in temporary quarters, the first Citadel was built in 1886 at 974 3rd Ave. East. The founder of the Salvation Army, General William Booth came from England to North America and during his travels, he opened the new building on October 31, 1886. This would have been an exciting day for the members of the local corps. The first building had an ornate design. The building was renovated twice.

In 1974, the Salvation Army left that site. The only reminder today of the presence at that location is a Interpretive Plaque near the municipal parking lot.

After a year, holding services at Dufferin Public School the congregation moved to the 14th Street location. This community church is very busy offering in addition to religious services, Sunday School and other church groups, social services. Several days a week, seniors come for lunch. Meals on wheels  meals are prepared in the church kitchen. Their community food bank is one of the social services they offer.

Church historian, Mike Raynsford displayed several scrapbooks that tell the story of the local Salvation Army church. He has taken boxes of photographs and newspaper articles and organized them chronologically  in many binders. 

sketch and photographs are from Scrapbook #1. These are only a sampling of what is included in the binder. Thank you for giving me permission to scan items included in the binder.

To enlarge the photo of the band. Click on it and press CTRL and the plus sign at the same time. Many of the men from the Salvation Army Band served in the First World War.

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