Sunday, September 23, 2012

September meeting Knights of Meaford and area

Ron Knight shared stories of the Knight family when he spoke at the September meeting at the Meaford Hall. Several members of the Knight family were also in attendance. Ron's grandfather, Stanley Knight, researched and wrote the family history but it was published in 1975 after his death. Thomas and Margery Knight lived in Cork Ireland in the late 1600s.

Seven Knight brothers came to North America; two went to the United States and five came to Upper Canada. They came to Newmarket in 1844 and moved up to the Woodford area in 1847. Alfred and Harris stayed in Woodford and both married Luton sisters (Alfred married Martha and Harris married Ann. As they were Quakers, they travelled by foot to Newmarket for meetings.

In the family, there were a long line of woodworkers. They had the Woodford Carriage and Cabinet works. In 1880, they moved to Meaford where they established the Meaford Furniture Factory. The family business, Knights of Meaford, is still in operation today. The 1940 flooring matcher still works. The company still uses their 1910 time clock.

Ron also shared a couple of interesting items from his father's collection.  The first was a branks or scold's bridle. The audience was not sure whether they should believe that it was used as a punishment for women who were nags. If you do an Internet search, you can read some interesting information about this device.

The other was protection for horses in medieval battles.

The Knights have been working on some restoration work of the old Firehall. The hall was built in 1887. In 2011, they undertook the restoration of the bell tower.

It was a most interesting meeting. After the presentation, those in attendance visited over refreshments.

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