Friday, January 27, 2012

Grey County Historical Society Heritage Certificate of Recognition - Finall call for 2012

February 1 is fast approaching. That is the deadline for receiving nominations for the Society's 2012 Heritage Certificate of Recognition.

Heritage work in Grey County that may be nominated includes any of the following: long time service in the heritage field, built heritage, natural heritage, written work and research demonstrated in other formats other than print medium, such as, the visual or dramatic arts that meet the criteria.

The person or organization must be willing to receive the award and the publicity that goes with it. Winner(s) will sign a release form prior to the Society announcing the recepient(s) of this year's award.

A copy of the nomination form is available on the Society's website. There is also information available on what information is considered for the various categories here.  The committee members look forward to reviewing the nomination forms and recommending their choice to the Board.

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