Monday, August 8, 2011

July 2011 meeting - Keady Market

Tuesday, July 19 was a hot summer morning. When members of the Society arrived to visit the Keady Market it had already been in full swing for several hours. This is an old-fashioned country outdoor market that has grown over the years. There are many different products available to purchase from over 200 vendors. The summer produce is starting to arrive. Some of the items available for purchase are clothing, flowers, purses, wood products and the list goes on. The livestock are sold in several venues.

Everyone was free to wander around through the crowds. The President and Secretary headed first to the cattle barn where the auction was underway. They were in the front row so they were up close and personal with the cattle in the ring. Their preference was to have them facing them instead of the opposite, if you know what I mean. There is an electronic board that shows the weight and the bids. The caller spoke quickly in a rythmic call. Several farmers purchased several lots.

After that, they toured around some of the market.

After people had a chance to eat at the concession of their choice, members and visitors gathered at Chalmer's United Church, conveniently located next door. After a brief business meeting, Harris Kuhl shared some history of Keady. He introduced our guest speaker, Ron Kuhl.

Ron Kuhl shared the history of the Keady Livestock Market and Keady.

He shared a story that to come to Keady from Owen Sound was once a two day trip with an overnight in Kilsyth. [about ten miles southwest of Owen Sound]

The market began 1 May 1950 after Alvin Kuhl purchased the Keady United Church shed. Before automobiles, church goers came to church by horse and buggy.

At first the cattle drovers didn't like their competition. With time the livestock market gained credibility with the farmers. Julius Kuhl was the first auctioneer.

As the market gained in popularity, the Kuhls had to buy more property for the vendors and for parking. It is a popular venue for tourists and locals, especially in the summer.

The auctionners are local. Ron went to auctioneer school in Flesherton.

Flowers for sale at Keady Market

Ron Kuhl, auctioneer and part owner of the Keady Market

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