Sunday, July 10, 2011

June meeting - Visit to two St. Vincent Township historic homes

Well, it took to the last day of June to have our June meeting. It was a perfect day for a drive in the country to visit these two homes loveling restored by Jim Bunow. Jim was recognized in 2010 by the Society for this work.

We had the opportunity to tour through Riverside farm house. The original house was very small. Marjorie Davison's grandparents had lived in the original home. When Marjorie and her family lived there it was enlarged. Current home owners, Ted and Joan Brown have also added to the home. The old and the new blend in so well. Marjorie and Ted shared some stories about this farm. Some took a walk to see the Big Head River that flows along the property.

Next it was up Scotch Mountain to visit the home of Jim Brunow and Sue Lavigne, once the home of James Storey. We had a wonderful tour of this home.

Thank you so much to our hosts for welcoming us into your homes. Thank  you to Marjorie Davison for sharing some of your memories of life on Riverside Farm. A special thank to Paula Niall who looked after all the logistics for the afternoon.

Here are some photos of that afternoon.

 Riverside Farm
 Down by the Big Head River
James Storey House
James Storey House

The top two photos by Janet Iles. The third photo by Paula Niall. The bottom photo by Janet Iles.

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