Thursday, May 26, 2011

44th Annual Dinner - Dr. Marlene Epp, featured speaker

At the 44th Annual Dinner of the Grey County Historical Society on May 18, 2011, Dr. Marlene Epp spoke to the attendees about the Mennonites of Grey County: Past and Present. She gave the historical background of the Menonites to begin. At Conrad Grebel University College, where Dr. Epp is a professor, there are three garden areas that represent the backgrounds of the Mennonites: the Black Walnut Garden, the Russian Mennonite Memorial Garden and the Global Garden.

The Black Walnut Garden recognizes the first Pennsylvania German Mennonites that settled in Waterloo (this represents the Swiss German roots of the people). The Khortitsa Oak represent the Russian Mennonite roots and finally the global garden represents the many cultures  that have Mennonites.

She described the many beliefs of the Mennonite and the different groups from the modern to old order.

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