Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011 - Threads - Piecing Together the Story Behind the Story

A large number attended the February meeting of the Grey County Historical Society at Grey Roots. It was wonderful to have so many attend for the first time. We hope you will come again.

Author and artist, Bonita Johnson De Matteis entitled her presentation, "Threads: Piecing Together the Story Behind the Story".  She shared some of her family's history and showed photographs of some of her family. It took a lot of work to piece together their history because even her grandparents had not been told a lot of details.

She read her latest book, Threads: Piecing Together the Story Behind the Story. The illustrations were shown on the screen. The different quilt designs, hanging on clothes lines or in windows, contained messages to the blacks as they travelled to Canada seeking freedom.

De Matteis designed the Black History Cairn in Harrison Park. She showed a movie about its creation.

Bonita Johnson De Matteis sharing her story - February 16, 2011 at Grey Roots.
Photo by Paula Niall.

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  1. For some reason this wasn't posted.

    Jo-Ann wrote:
    ""Threads: Piecing Together the Story Behind the Story" . I really like the title. I wish I could have been there to hear her presentation though."