Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 2010 meeting - Part IIc - Grandma Lambe

Eminent Women #3 in the presentation by Marjorie Davison and Jean Grummett was Grandma Lambe whose remarkable story started with her selling apples from the family orchard at the side of Highway 26. She soon moved into the family’s garage, which became her first market-shop. From selling apples she progressed to baking apple pies. Before long, the well-known building across old Purdy Town, was built and tourist flocked in looking for apple butter, maple syrup, all kinds of preserves and gifts and those delicious fruit pies. Each year the business, based on apples, added new products and has grown and blossomed.

After Grandma Lambe passed on, her daughter-in-law, Grace carried on the business. It continues to grow and develop into a local family success story. More recently, Grandma Lambe II was opened on Highway 6 and 10, north of Chatsworth.

It was delightful to have Grace Lamb and her family and employees with us for the evening.

Grace Lambe (in white suit) with her family and staff

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  1. It was a great video - nice work by Marjorie and Jean.
    The photo above are some of Grace Lambe's family (most of whom have some connection to the business).
    From left to right (back row): Stephanie Lambe and her husband Blake, and his dad David Lambe (Grace's son)
    From left to right (front row): Darlene Smith (Grace's daughter), Grace, Darlene's husband Garry Smith, Sue Lambe (David's wife), and three of Grace's granddaughters: Cailey Lambe, Marsha Cann-Moland and Amy Cann.