Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two extraordinary women named Margaret

The July 2010 Grey County Historical Society meeting provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about two extraordinary women, each named Margaret, who lived in Grey County. There will also be time to eat and socialize during our summer potluck supper.

The first Margaret is Margaret Fitzsimmons.

In 1926, Margaret Fitzsimmons fell into the river on her Beaver Valley farm and almost drowned. At 61 years of age, she began building a bridge utilizing only five small rollers and a crowbar, transporting stones from fields as far as half a mile away. The project took 20 years.

At 5 p.m. join us for a rare public tour of the bridge at the Fitzsimmons farm. Please bring comfortable and weather appropriate shoes for the tour of the bridge.

Directions to Fitzsimmons Farm: From the lights in Markdale, drive east on Grey Road 12 to Grey Road 30, then turn right. Farm on the left. Fire #525629.

After visiting the farm, continue south on Grey Road 30 to Valley Crescent, turn right and follow to Country Lane, turn right to first house.

6 p.m. For the potluck supper, bring food to share, dishes and cutlery and if you have a portable folding chair bring that along too. Let's hope for a wonderful evening. [If the weather doesn't cooperate we will eat inside.] Business will be very brief.

The second Margaret is Margaret Matthews

At about 7:30 p.m. researcher, writer and heritage advocate, Aly Boltman will lead a multi-media presentation about the life and times of Margaret (Mag) Matthews (1865-1937), Madam of Owen Sound's historic Branningham Grove, and early Northern Ontario and American entrepreneur.

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