Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Grey County Historian - How to find articles

"How to I find out what are articles have been published in The Grey County Historian? Has it been indexed?

No, it hasn't been indexed, but there is a table of contents on the Society's website. To find the links to the Contents Pages Link Click Here. Since 2003, there is a page for each calendar year.

If you want to find articles on a specific topic or by a particular author, you can do so by using a search engine.

This works with Google and Bing. It may work with other search engines or they may have a variation on this.

"Branningham Grove" site: You will get results for publication pages and anywhere this topic is mentioned on the website.

OR Schank site: You will get results for publications pages and anywhere this name is mentioned on the website.

Membership news is only given a title and not specific details.

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