Saturday, May 22, 2010

43rd Annual Dinner - Farming and Food

Do you know where your food comes from? Our ancestors did in the early years in this country. Grey County is still mainly rural with small villages, towns and the city of Owen Sound, the largest, at 22,000 residents, spread out through the County.

Farming and Food: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow was the theme of the 43rd Annual Dinner of the Grey County Historical Society that was held in the Village of Walter’s Falls on April 19. President Rodney Saunders gave a brief synopsis of the influx of pioneers flowing into the Queen’s Bush and establishing early dwellings and plantings between the stumps of the great forest saying, “This was the beginning of agriculture in Grey County.” He then introduced the panel of Carl Spencer, Freeman Boyd, Shane Ardiel, and Bruce Saunders who addressed their field of farming and food specialty while responding to various questions from the floor. Attendees will likely check the packaging more closely when shopping to see where the food was grown and perhaps ask questions if not labelled.

Aly Boltman provided a colorful, illustrated presentation of the Society’s accomplishments over the past year and an introduction of the up-and-coming monthly programs planned for the coming season. She also organized a Silent Auction fund-raiser, which generously fed the GCHS’s coffers by the end of the evening.

A highlight of the evening was the presentations of the GCHS’s Heritage Certificate of Recognition, which acknowledges individuals or organizations who have made a significant contribution to Grey County Heritage. This year the Society presented two awards: Jim Brunow of Meaford, who was honored for his outstanding restorations of two heritage homes in early St. Vincent Township, and the congregation of Knox Presbyterian Normanby Church, who were recognized for their superb book, Recollections, Anecdotes and Newsworthy Tales, recording the history of their church, community and its families.

Over 100 members and guests enjoyed a delicious Grey County Roast Beef Dinner provided by Milena Wells and her Walter’s Falls Committee.

- from notes by Paula Nial

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