Thursday, March 4, 2010

February 2010 meeting - Sheila Lambrinos shared her family story

Sheila Thibaudeau Lambrinos presented an illustrated talk that detailed her early ancestors' migrant movement at the Grey County Historical Society's February meeting in Markdale, Ontario.

Pierre Thibaudeau, her original ancestor, came from France to Acadia in 1651. There he married Jeanne Terriault and had a large family. Their family was part of the expulsion of the Acadians. They spent some time in Maryland and Pennsylvania before walking back to Quebec. He joined the Norwesters. Son Pierre Thibaudeau was born in 1785.

Lambrinos’ Middaugh ancestors were forced to leave Ulster County, New York and they walked to peace and freedom following the trails to Montreal and then to Johnstown (Kingston). Margaret Middaugh married Pierre Thibaudeau, Jr. in 1882 in Toronto.

The family first lived in Uxbridge Township. It was the clean water that drew her Thibaudeau ancestors to Glenelg Township. John Baptiste Thibaudeau, Sr. and Jane Venning settled in Glenelg where they raised a large family. He was a cattle drover. His son, John Baptiste Thibaudeau, Jr., met his future bride Frances Emma Stewart at the Dundalk fare. The Stewarts had settled in Artemesia Township.

Lambrinos’ father, John Stewart Thibaudeau was born in Markdale. The First World War interrupted his education at the University of Toronto. On his last day overseas, he met Alice Pryce, a young Irish girl. In 1925, they were married in the Glenelg farmhouse.

She also showed some of the wonderful photographs of her ancestors, a oxen whip and a beautiful heritage christening gown.

Sheila Thibaudeau Lambrinos moved permanently to Grey County in 1995 to live in a farmhouse near Markdale after she retired from a political career in education in the City of North York. However, she had spent summer vacation breaks as a young girl near Markdale and was drawn back to the area where her ancestors had settled.

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