Friday, March 6, 2009

What's in a Name - March 2009 meeting

The March meeting of the Grey County Historical Society is on Wednesday, March 18 at 1:30 p.m. in the Grey Roots Theatre. Please note the date as the Society brochure printed last year has the wrong date. Somehow all the proofreaders missed this typing error.

What’s in a Name?

Janet Iles will present an illustrated talk about the origin or meaning of the place names in Grey County.

Back in 2000, when the province of Ontario required municipalities to restructure, Janet became interested in the place names of Bruce and Grey counties and their stories. In this presentation, she will focus on places in Grey County. Over the last year, Janet has visited some of the small villages and hamlets in the County but many more are still on her list to visit.

Janet says

What can be confusing is that there are place names that are geographical in nature and those that are political. Although new municipalities were formed due to amalgamations, the communities within them still exist.

Some names have changed over the years. Some are no longer used but may appear in documents from the past or in newspaper articles or diaries, etc. Some names were never officially adopted. Some place names were names for the railroad station or the post office.

Even if you are not from Grey County and you are in the area during March Break, come hear the stories of many of the place names. Which place was named for a baby? Which place was named for a place in Italy? What place was named for a tree that stood in the village and was chopped down in 1854?

There is a short business meeting at 1:30 before the presentation.

Everyone is invited to attend. (no charge)

For more information — 519-372-0225 or info AT greycountyhs DOT ca


  1. Hi Janet;

    Have you heard of a place named Gloucester near Durham Ontario? or anywhere in Grey/Bruce Counties? It would likely be somewhere along the Saugeen River.

    The only Gloucester we can locate is near Ottawa.


  2. Hi Janet;

    Have you heard of a community by the name of "Gloucester" in Grey or Bruce Counties? I've been told it was located along the Saugeen River near Durham.


  3. Amelia
    I checked my listing of places in Grey and Bruce Counties that I did and I do not see a Gloucester. I have been making a database a current and former names. Perhaps, I could pose that question when I give my talk next week.

    There is the Gloucester that is near Ottawa and a Gloster in Cochrane District in Northern Ontario.